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Quoted by the band

"We're not crazy, tear-apart-your-hotel-room-snort-20-lines-of-coke-and-live-the-lifestyle. We've never been that way." ~Scott Stapp
"All I do is relax and rent movies every night. Blockbuster gets all my money." --Mark Tremonti on what he does in his spare time
"Believe it or not, that's how I learned. I would watch MTV and watch what the drummers were doing and I would beat on pillows. That's how I figured it out." ~Scott Phillips
"Sure I hear what people say, but the only opinions I care about are from the fans." ~Scott Stapp
(The songs are) "all my children, can't like one better than the other." ~Mark Tremonti
"It's not about 'Praise Jesus!' or anything. We're not that kind of band, but I think a lot of people find positive stuff in the band. If they enjoy it, that's whats important." ~Scott Phillips
"Going through the drive-through's a pain in the ass now. I'm going to put on a sombrero, go, 'My name is Hector...'" --Scott Stapp on how being famous has made him recognizable in public
"What's This Life For is probably our most basic song, but it's a pain in the ass to play live. I hate picking all the individual fucking strings! All the attention is on me, and if I miss one note, it's all downhill!" ~Mark Tremonti
"I always loved the drums. That was the one thing I was drawn to...if I ever saw a band I was focused on the drummer. When we were in marching band, I focused on the drum section. It just felt natural that was the instrument of all of them that  I was drawn to." ~Scott Phillips
"Creed's got an army out there. These people are die-hard." ~Scott Stapp
"You have to think- what would make you go out of your way to make a web site about something? To do something like that, you would have to be head over heels for some chick, or be a die-hard fan of whatever the subject was. When Creed is one of the top things in someone's life, that's an incredibly big compliment." ~Mark Tremonti
"I think I was looking through the Sears catalog and went 'Hey, a drum set, that's cool.' And they were like 'Yeah, you can get that stuff but you got to learn how to read music and play the piano first.'" --What Scott Phillip's parents told him when he became interested in drums.

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