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Here's the scoop...


This column is CREED newz! I will post all news as it becomes availible! Check back often for updates!

Creed will be releasing their 'Don't Stop Dancing' single, featuring an acoustic version of the song, the video and 'With Arms Wide Open.' There will also be a poster inside. Look for it October 22! (One day after Jagger turns 4! :) *CREDIT: *

Brian Marshall, Creed's EX-Bassist is sueing Creed. Both sides have lawyers. POSTED 9/26/02 *CREDIT:*

Creed, the WAWOF, and are still working together to auction premium seats to Creed's North American Fall Tour. POSTED 9/25/02 *CREDIT:*

Creed's single 'One Last Breath' jumped from #9-#7 on Billboard's Hot 100 last week. Creed is the ONLY rock band to place four songs on the top ten in that chart this decade. POSTED 9/25/02 *CREDIT:*

Mark is now using his new 'Power Wah' on stage. He started using it on the tour kickoff, which was September 20. *Thanx to for this info!* POSTED 9/24/02

Creed has a new song called 'Do It All Over.' The song has been written but not yet recorded. *Thanx to for this info!* POSTED 9/24/02

At a concert I went to on Sunday night [9/22/02], Stapp stated that a cd would be released with the original version of 'Don't Stop Dancing' along with a live performance of the song. The cd will also feature the 'Don't Stop Dancing' video and the song 'With Arms Wide Open.' All proceeds go to the With Arms Wide Open Foundation!!!!! POSTED 9/24/02

Creed's debut album was certified 6X Platinium by the R.I.A.A on the 5th anniversary of it's release. Congratulations CREED!  *CREDIT: *   POSTED 9/20/02

Brett Hestla's band Virgos has released their new album 'The Path of Least Resistance.'*CREDIT:* POSTED 9/20/02

Creed is now on break from their Weathered tour. They will be hitting the road again soon!!! POSTED 9/17/02 *CREDIT:*

Scott Stapp due to release book of poems sometime next year!!!!POSTED 9/9/02 *CREDIT GOES TO AMANDA FOR THIS INFORMATION! VISIT HER CREED SITE AT:!*


Contributed by: Shay


PLEASE NOTE!! This is the *GOSSIP* column..therefore everything you read may NOT be 100% accurate!!

Mark Tremonti  is now engaged to fiancee Victoria.
POSTED 9/17/02

*****If you have ANY newz that is not posted here...PLEASE contact me and I will post it! You will be given full credit! Thanx!*****