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I have seen CREED twice in my life. My first time was in Memphis, TN at the Pyramid on 11/13/00. It was the Human Clay Tour..and it was MORE than awesome! I had FLOOR seats, so that made it even better!!!! They were touring with Finger 11 and Days of the New, of which both bands put on a great show and got the whole crowd ever more pumped than we already were!! I can still remember Travis Meeks as he said 'People you are one step away from seeing Creed on this stage' and everyone went crazy!!!!! They played their final song and Creed came out!!! I can't explain the rush I felt go through my body when I saw the outline of Stapp as he came up out of the ground! AHHHHH he is SO hott!!!! They played so hard and gave it all they had! I really remember when they sang With Arms Wide Open there was a video on  the monitors of Scott and Jagger! It was so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the show!!! I came home in awe...and had no idea I would be seeing them again on their Weathered Tour in Little Rock, AR!!!!!
That show was great too!! They came and Cinder opened up. They totally rocked. I couldn't wait until 12 Stones came out because I love the lead singer! *GRINS DEVILISHLY* Paul from 12 Stones sprayed water on the crowd!! It was so awesome! Then Saliva came out, and Josey said 'You f-ckers are CRAZY here at Little Rock!' Then he said he wanted to 'Thank our f-ing brothers Creed for letting us be here tonight!' Everyone loved their performance, but CREED's was SO good! They turned the lights off around the arena one by one, making us even more excited! We started the 'wave' while waiting for them. They came out and gave it their best all night. Stapp talked a lot to the crowd, and explained the meanings of songs. etc. he even played the guitar one time, and was also playing Flip's drums! It was so great! I can't WAIT until Creed comes back to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!