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Shay'z Creed Prison


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Me & Creed

Creedz Music Rox!

Creed has 3 cdz! Their first release was My Own Prison [MOP], followed by Human Clay [HC], and their current album which is Weathered. If you don't have these albums, I suggest you get them! They are GREAT!

Creed's CD's


My Own Prison
1.) Torn
2.) Ode
3.) My Own Prison
4.) Pity For A Dime
5.) In America
6.) Illusion
7.) Unforgiven
8.) Sister
9.) What's This Life For
10.) One


Human Clay
1.) Are You Ready?
2.) What If
3.) Beautiful
4.) Say I
5.) Wrong Way
6.) Faceless Man
7.) Never Die
8.) With Arms Wide Open
9.) Higher
10.) Wash Away Those Years
11.) Inside Us All


1.) Bullets
2.) Freedom Fighter
3.) Who's Got My Back?
4.) Signs
5.) One Last Breath
6.) My Sacrifice
7.) Stand Here With Me
8.) Weathered
9.) Hide
10.) Don't Stop Dancing
11.) Lullaby

Favorite CD

I myself can't name my favorite Creed cd, because I like all of them! They all affect me personally. I think every person who listens to the songs can take away a different meaning and feeling, and that's why I love Creed's music!