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::: Amy Dumas Shrine :::
Various Facts About Amy

+ Amy has 3 tattoos. She has one on her right shoulder that looks like a dragon, one on the back of her neck that says REBEL in Russian, and one inside her lower lip that says PUNK.

+Amy has lived in Fort Lauderdale FL (twice), Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Washington DC, Europe, Richmond VA, Mexico City, and her current home Sandford NC.

+She was trained by the Hardys.

+She and Matt Hardy dated before she signed with ECW. They are no longer an item, but the best of friends.

+ She did not like the name Lita when it was first presented to her.

+She has a dog named Cody.

+During her ECW days, she played the character of Angelica and Miss Congeniality.

+She played the bass in a band called 3 Card Trick.

+She has training in Kickboxing and Judo.

+Amy graduated from high school 6 months early


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