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::: Amy Dumas Shrine :::
You asked, she answered

One on one with Amy

+ What does the tattoo on the back of your neck mean?
It means REBEL, in Russian.

+How did you get started into wrestling?
Seeing the lucha libre style of wrestling got me into it. I started by taking up judo, and competed with that for a while and then I started in the ring. It is a constant learning process, and I wouldn't say I know how to wrestle now. I am definitely still learning!

+What do you dye your hair with?
I use different stuff all the time, but I always use colour enhancing shampoos and rinses, that really keeps the colour fresh.

+Were you treated differently by men for being a female in wrestling?
Personally I have been very lucky to have had people willing to share and help me learn. I have heard many horror stories about women being mistreated, but I have been fortunate.

+Do you have any advice on getting into wrestling?
Because wrestling is so much more mainstream than in past years, the best way to begin a career in wrestling is to invest in a school. Research them before you decide, and also realize you may have to drive a considerable distance or relocate in order to find a school suited for you. If you are not yet old enough to attend a wrestling school (usually 18), amateur wrestling, martial arts, and gymnastics are all good bases.

+Where do you get all of your thongs?
I just constantly keep an eye out for new thongs. Some I buy in sets, but mostly just pick them up here and there.

+Would you ever pose for Playboy?
I would definitely love to do it... one day..... I think Playboy is a respectable magazine, and like Chyna, somebody like myself appearing in Playboy would continue to break barriers of the "barbie" type being the only thing a man wants to look at.

+What's your nationality?
I am mainly Irish and French, but i think a little of everything mixed up... basically a mutt:)

+What do your parents think if you being in wrestling?
everyone in my family is thrilled for me now, although I can't say the same b4 I signed with the WWF. My mom and I keep very close contact, and she is always up to date on things, she has become sort of like a smart mark in some ways, but she probably doesn't even know what those are.

+Besides Spanish, can you speak any other languages?
No others, and I struggle w/ Spanish as it is.

+What's in your CD player right now?
Uhh, Perfect Circle, I think, but I am really diggin on some of the mixed CD's I have been getting in the mail.

+I read somewhere that you were in a band called 3 Card Trick. Did you release an album, EP, single or anything with them, and if so where can I get it?
Nothing recorded, we played 2x I think and there was actually a discrepancy w/ the name because one of the 3 people in the band hated the name and I don't even know if we were announced as anything!


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