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::: Amy Dumas Shrine :::
Amy's Biography


MOVIES: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Big Top Pee Wee, Barbwire, Wedding Singer, Gleaming the Cube, North Shore

BANDS: Tool, Perfect Circle, Pearl Jam, RHCP, 3 Doors Down, Verticle Horizion, 7seconds, Avail, Live, Kid Rock, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Sum41, Stereomed, Saliva, Lit, Slipknot, Staind, and Creed

ACTORS: Christian Slater and Brad Pitt (in Fight Club especially)

ACTRESSES: Heather Graham and Pamela Anderson (I would really love to do a guest spot for her show, VIP!!)

STORES: BeBe, Betsy Johnson, BCBG, Guess?

PLACES: Mexico City, New Orleans, LA (but only in small doses); Atlanta, GA; Clearwater, FL; Washington, DC; Amsterdam, Holland; Prague, Czech Republic

What Amy Wants

+I want an action figure of myself

+I want to be in a video game

+Do a guest appearance on Pam's VIP (BIG mark for Pam!)

+I want to ride a mechanical bull (really bad, like I'm obessed w/ the idea of this)

+I want to wrestle in Japan


Fast Facts:

+ Name: Amy Christine Dumas
+ Born: Fort Lauderdale, FL
+ Height: 5'7
+ Weight: 135 lbs
+ Hair Color: Naturally dark blond, but is now fiery red
+ Eyes: Hazel


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