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Creed Concert Reviewz

Ever seen Creed LIVE?!

This page is for all of you rockers who have seen CREED live!! Submit your review to me..and I will post it if you want me 2!!!

Creed Tourz

I had the opportunity to see CREED live on 11/13/00 in Memphis TN. The show rocked!!! Although my best friend, Nay, was feeling a little quesy, and so was I :), the show STILL rocked!! Finger 11 hit the stage first and made the whole crowd get even more pumped than we already were!!! Then, Days of the New went on, and put on an awesome performance!!! The drummer threw a drum stick, and Nay almost caught it, but some little girl who appeared to be about 10 got it instead!! :| But, that didn't spoil it!! Creed came out, and all the lights went out. They came out and I had SUCH a rush go through my body when I saw the outline of STAPP!!!! Ahhhh he is SO hott!!! They put SO much into each song they played! I loved it when they put the home video of Scott and Jagger up on WAWO!! It was SO sweet!! The whole show was rocking ALL the way through! That was a night I will NEVER forget!!!!

Upcoming Shows

Wanna see Creed live??? Check these dates to see when they will be in a town near YOU!!!
9/27/02-Spring, TX
9/28/02-Oklahoma City, OK
10/1/02-Lubbock, TX
10/2/02-Las Cruces, NM
10/4/02-Las Vegas, NV
10/5/02-Phoenix, AZ
10/6/02-Bakersfield, CA
10/8/02-Los Angeles, CA
10/9/02-Sacramento, CA
10/12/02-Mountain View, CA
10/14/02-Spokane, WA
10/16/02-Tacoma, WA
10/17/02-Portland, OR
10/19/02-Salt Lake City, UT
10/20/02-Boise, ID
11/6/02- Birmingham, AL
11/10/02- Fort Wayne, IN
11/11/02- Grand Rapids, MI
11/16/02- Madison, WI
11/21/02- Dayton, OH