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Jeff's Commentaries

-What Jeff has to say-

July 18, 1999

Greetings and Salutations! For whoever it is that just read greetings and salutations, I thank you. Without you there would be no us and trust me, I totally understand that. It's still hard for me to believe that I am a World Wrestling Federation Superstar......hell, much less a WWF tag team champion. But I am and I guess it was kind of meant to be. To me, my first priority is to satisfy the fans, in and out of the ring. Whether you love us or hate us *love me or hate me*, we will kill ourselves to please you. I'll be honest,every night I want to steal the show........I want to do something that every single person in the arena will never forget. I'm all about taking risk, everyday of my life I try to do something that kind of scares me or makes me nervous. I think it's good for the mind, heart, soul, and human body in general. I'm sure I come off to people as boring, weird, or acting strange, but all in all, I'm just one character, one life, and that's Jeff Hardy. Silence is beauty and I'm a huge fan of not judging a book by it's cover. So remember that the extreme always seems to make an impression..........question is, good or bad? It's up to you. Oh yeah..........for those of you who read some of the stuff I wrote..........good luck understanding!

I thank you all!

Yours Truly, Jeff Hardy

Ours Truly, This life!

November 15, 1999

I apologize for being so.......not up to date. I hope that makes sense. It seems like so much has happened in so little time. There's no time to just relax and be happy at home.............oh well.............that's the price I pay for being who I am and for doing what I do. Whenever I do check out the website........I'm amazed. Not just by Kat's creative design and originality, but by all of you. You as in everybody that supports us............You as in every Hardy Boy fan across the world. Without you there would be no us. Thank you..........with you we win. I thank you again and again. There's been a lot of talk about me not making it extremely long in this business. Ya know, burning out early because of the falls I take and the risks I try not to worry about. I hope and pray that I remain healthy and stay around for a long time. That's all I can do..........I hope I never have to slow down. I also hope that I'll never die..........but I think that's inevitable. I just want to continue to entertain to the best of my ability. I get so high off of making people happy. A lot of times I feel lost for words..........I feel like I know what's going on.........I just can't explain it. What the hell am I talking about? It's late and I'm kind of out of it.........well let's be honest, I'm always out of it. Anyway.........thank you so much for caring and thank you so much for believing in Matt and Jeff Hardy. "That girl does a great job on your website.................." I've heard that so many times and it's never been a lie. Thank you Kat. You are truly the Queen of Websites. And I am so strange. My hand is so needing to go to sleep. If I don't see you.............. I'll write to you. If you don't read my words............... I'll write anyway.

Yours Truly.............. Jeff Hardy

Ours Truly...... This Life!

May 2, 2000

Every now and then I find myself looking for ways to know the future. I always see things in my mind that seem to find me in the unstoppable future. I'm not saying that I'm a fortuneteller or a guy that reads palms. I just see myself allot.... in places I don't want to be. I dream it all the time.... being somewhere that might not be right. Doing some things that deep down feel wrong but I want to do them anyway. Do you dream whats next?... in this life we dream so much. We can only guess whats next in this challenge built for us. Whoever thinks I'm burnt out.... I'm not. Whoever thinks I'm burning out.... your right. I mean to a certain extent. I also find myself tired allot. Run down from trying to do too much, falling asleep in places that aren't meant for sleep. It seems my life is a constant and as of late...consistent rush. Everything moves and happens so fast, it gets to where its hard to keep up. Its really hard to get things done when youre only home forty-eight hours a week and sometimes not even that. Away from that area....I need to apologize once again to all of you for only doing this once every ten years. I know you want to hear from us or at least I hope you want to hear from me every now and then. [ Those were the first four words of my commentary ] Every now and then creates a good relationship. It doesn't let your water run dry....nor does it flood you. It surrounds you with the perfect peace. I have no idea how long my wrestling career is gonna be. I have no idea when we will be champions again. I have no idea as to why I haven't been seriously, seriously injured yet and I also have no idea what color my hair is gonna be next. Well kind of an idea but I never know until the last minute. We will continue to work hard for you and us. We will try to stay together as long as Matt quits trying to kill me in those hardcore title matches. Please hope for the best.... you know we will. Please pray for our futures.... every little bit helps. I still promise to you all to forever stay the same. Without you there is no me. Without you there is no game. I'm still silent when I want to be. I still do my own work. Matts still smart when he wants to be....he saves his money still. The Hardy Boyz are established in a world they so long dreamed of. The Hardy Boys are still wide open. Their drop cord has been unplugged. Alive and well in the World Wrestling Federation.....

Yours Truly.............. Jeff Hardy

Ours Truly...... This Life!


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